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It’s here…but it wasn’t the letter you thought you would receive from Professor Jackie Link. You open it up only to realize he’s gone. He has one final request. Now it’s up to you and your team to travel to his last location and find all the evidence he has collected on this elusive creature. You must be quick because time is not on your side. Can you uncover the evidence and prove it’s existence? Or will you be like the Professor and become it’s prey? Only time will tell the truth of Sasquatch…The Legend

This adventure requires a minimum of four players to play as portions of the game will need at least four participants to succeed. This game has jump scares and parts that may be frightening or too extreme for some players. Be aware the NO REFUNDS will be given should any player decide that they wish to walk out of the game. The game clock will not be paused in the event of any players leaving the game. We have worked extremely hard to give our customers an adventure that will give them the goosebumps as they have requested. We hope you enjoy this adventure and that you discover the truth about Sasquatch!

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