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A ankle weigh wrapped around a foot.


All you wanted to do was have a good time with your bestie. Little did you know that it might be the last time. You round the corner, “does anyone know you are here?” In disbelief you focus on your soon to be captor’s hands and suddenly it goes dark…


WARNING!! Only 2 players are allowed per time slot. This game is in a small dark space. If you suffer from claustrophobia this may not be the game for you. No refunds will be given should you decide not to complete the game. 



What is an escape room? Escape rooms are innovative games that require communication, teamwork and wits to solve the puzzles, break the codes, unlock the locks and complete the task of each uniquely themed room. With 10 games and different difficulty levels to challenge you, we have something for everyone. If you are looking to host a party, plan a special date night, celebrate any occasion, or just want to try something new look no further! Breakin’ the Code is fun for ALL ages!



Grandma’s “favorite” grandchild, your cousin, has lorded it over you for years that she gave him her most prized possession. He has kept it from you by storing it away in a storage unit. As luck would have it the tables have turned and his unit is going up for auction! Can you get in there and recover Grandma’s treasure before the bidding begins?

Until then, book one of our other rooms and come play today!


Those crazy monkeys are at it again and have locked you, the zookeeper, in their enclosure when you went to feed them. Can you escape their enclosure and get them back safely before the zoo opens for the day?

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Tiffany B.

We love Breakin’ the Code! Every time they have a new room, we usually jump on it within the first week of it opening. This is a great place for challenging and fun rooms locally!

Katherine N.

Really fun rooms with interesting puzzles. Staff was friendly and good conversationalist. They have cool T-shirt’s and wax melts that smell really good for sale too.

Michael J.

Had a great time with family and friends. Staff was very friendly and it was well worth the money. We will be back soon!

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